Level of Play

These are suggested levels of play for our leagues. They are a guide to help you find a league where you will be most comfortable. You are welcome to play at any league as long as you maintain the pace of play, follow golf etiquette, and pick up your ball when necessary to speed play.

Beginner Golfer: You are a player with little or no experience. you may or may not have taken lessons previously. Perhaps you have visited the driving range but have little on-course experience. You are not familiar with pace of play guideline, golf rules, and etiquette.
We suggest you join one of our golf leagues specifically designed to help beginners like you. Usually these leagues offer clinics to improve yor skills and ease your transition onto the course. Experienced golfers are available to mentor new golfers and teach you appropriate golf etiquette. Golf can be intimidating to a beginner. Supporting new golfers is a primary goal of LPGA Women Who Play. Contact your league coordinator to sign up for our Fairway Friends Mentoring program.

Intermediate Golfer: You have played on the golf course and are able to keep up the pace of play with better players. Your scores may be high, but you most likely have established a handicap to watch your improvement. You may still find yourself with those "blow up" holes, but you graciously pick up your ball when necessary to maintain the pace of play. You are comfortable with golf etiquette by now and your knowledge of the rules is improving.
We suggest you play regularly in any of our leagues in the Greater Philadelphia area. We welcome you to attend any of our outings, and encourage you to take part in our annual Chapter Championship and the nationwide LPGA Women Who Play Championship.

Advance Golfer: You have played for a number of years and have a handicap. You are comfortable with golf rules and etiquette and are able to play with golfers of all ability levels. You play golf regularly, perhaps competitively, and may serve as a mentor to members who are beginner or intermediate golfers. We encourage you to volunteer to be a mentor in our Fairway Friends program. Contact your league coordinator.