Golf Trivia

July Trivia Question:

How many women golfers are there in the USA?
1.  1.9 million
2.  4.9 million
3.  7.9 milliion

Answer:  Based on the 2018 report from the National Golf Foundation (reporting data for 2017), there are 4.9 million women age 18 and older that are golfers (play at least one round a year)-- that has not changed since 2016. In 2017, there were 16.2 million male golfers -- and increase over 2016. In 2017, the number of girls increased and the number of boys decreased slightly. The total number of female golfers is about 24% of all golfers in the U.S.

ARE WOMEN GOLFERS IN THE U.S.INCREASING OR DECREASING... GROWING OR DECLINING? This is the question Google reports is asked very often. The number of women golfers has increased over the last few years but has not returned to record numbers in 2006 and 2007. The steady increase in the number of girls playing golf over the last few years is likely to result in an increase in women golfers over the long term.

June Trivia Question

Why do golf balls have dimples?
1. To increase distance
2. To increase lift
3. Both 1 & 2

Answer  #3 Both 1 & 2
Reprinted from Wonderopolis...

The golf ball didn't always look like it does today. Early golf balls were actually made of leather and stuffed with wet goose feathers! These balls were called “featheries." 
Over time, manufacturers began making golf balls with the gum of the sapodilla tree. The gum was heated and formed into a perfect sphere. These golf balls were called “gutta-perchas."  Golfers believed that smooth golf balls would travel farther through the air because a smooth surface would create less wind resistance. But they were wrong!

Golfers quickly noticed smooth gutta-perchas did not soar through the air as well as featheries. Over time, however, they began to notice that scuffed, scratched and dented gutta-perchas covered a greater distance than smooth ones.

Like many inventions, the golf ball dimple was discovered accidentally. By 1930, the dimpled golf ball had become the standard in golfing.

A golf ball with dimples can travel almost twice as far as a smooth golf ball. By adding dimples to the ball, golf ball manufacturers minimize drag forces that pull back on the ball or slow it down.  Dimples also help lift the ball by forcing airflow downward, which pushes the ball upward. These are the same principles of aerodynamics that airplanes use to fly.

There are no rules about how many dimples a golf ball has to have. Most have 300 to 500 dimples. The most common number of dimples is 392.  It was once thought that the more dimples a ball had, the further it would travel. This theory has been disproved, but that hasn't stopped golf ball manufacturers from creating all sorts of dimpled balls.

May Trivia Question:

What is the driver swing speed of an average woman golfer?

1. 62 mph
2. 86 mph
3. 96 mph
4. 108 mph

Answer:  Average Speeds. The average swing speed of a female LPGA player is 94 mph with the driver and 78 mph with the 6 iron, according to data collected by TrackMan. The compares to a driver speed of 113 mph and 6-iron speed of 92 mph on the PGA Tour.

April Trivia Question:

Which of the following are naturally left handed?
  • Rory McIlroy
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Jordan Spieth
  • Bubba Watson

Answer: Bubba Watson is naturally left handed. If you said Phil Mickelson, you'd be wrong, he's naturally right handed. Stories have it that he learned to play watching his father. He mirrored his fathers moves which put him in the position of doing those moves left handed and that’s how he became an adept left handed player.

March Trivia Question:

What state has the most number of golf courses of any state in the USA?

Answer: With 1,534 courses, Florida scoops the top spot on this list. The superb weather experienced almost all year round is an influencing factor for why this is a golf hub. Some of the best golfers in the sport, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, have residences in this state. Florida has also hosted some PGA Tours. The facilities here are top notch with some of the best courses being Seminole Golf Club, Streamsong, and Jupiter Hills Club. California is second, hosting 1,156 courses and Michigan & Texas tie for third with 1,060 golf courses.

February Trivia Question:

Who was the first woman golfer to sweep the LPGA major tournaments in a year?

ANSWER: The LPGA was founded in 1950. In that first year, Babe Zaharias swept all of the major LPGA tournaments. In 1950 the majors consisted of 3 tournaments – the U.S. Open, Titleholders and Western Open. The number of tournaments in the LPGA’s “Majors” has varied over the years. For the 2015 LPGA season the majors are the: ANA Inspiration, Women’s PGA Championship, U.S. Women’s Open, Women’s British Open, and The Evian Championship.